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Why Choose AMSOIL?
Devoted to protection
AMSOIL shields your automobile with 75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by a leading industry standard*, extending the life of vital components like pistons and cams.
Extended Protection for Those Who Demand the Best
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are hand-crafted for those who live for peak performance and demand the best protection - so you can continue to enjoy your vehicles to the fullest.
Exceptional Wear Protection
AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil provides 75 percent more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by a leading industry-standard*.
Better Turbocharger Protection
AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil handles heat so well that it protects turbochargers 72% better than required by GM’s dexos1® Gen 2 specification.*


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