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Start Your Own Business
Independent AMSOIL Dealers are people willing to put in the time and effort to develop a successful company and sell AMSOIL products. AMSOIL provides training materials, administrative support, technical support, and everything else needed to start and run a successful dealership. Own a business, be your own boss, and supplement your income. AMSOIL independent dealers sell through the online store and receive extra income for product sales that occur in all 50 states.
Become an AMSOIL dealer
Quick-Start Guide
Dealer Quick-Start Guide
Dealer Quick-Start Guide
As a new AMSOIL Dealer, you'll receive a Dealer Kit featuring the Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472), a straight-forward, easy-to-read manual providing clear direction for starting and building your business. The kit also features product samples, allowing you to experience the benefits of AMSOIL products immediately and begin sharing your AMSOIL story with others.

The Dealer Kit includes:

- Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472)
- Welcome Letter
- Wholesale Price List (G3500/G8500), Dealer Profit List (G3501) and Literature and Sales Aids Price List (G15)
- One bottle of P.i.® Performance Improver Gasoline Additive
- One bottle of Quickshot®
- Two 1.5-oz. Pillow Packs of SABER® Professional 100:1 Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil
- One can of Metal Protector

New AMSOIL Dealers also receive full access to the Premium Dealer Zone and all levels of AU Online training.
How to become an AMSOIL Dealer
How to become an AMSOIL dealer
Become an AMSOIL dealer
Register online now or request more information from AMSOIL. New Dealers can start an independent AMSOIL Dealership for less than $50.
Exclusive Distribution
American Ideals
American Ideals
AMSOIL INC. was founded on the American ideals of independence and entrepreneurship. From a one-person operation based in a small garage, our founder, Al Amatuzio worked tirelessly to build a company devoted to helping our customers maximize the protection and performance of their vehicles.
AMSOIL Dealers exemplify our entrepreneurial spirit, and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.
When we originally introduced the world's first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972, it sat on store shelves alongside its far less expensive conventional-oil equivalents.
Consumers had never heard of synthetic oil and were unaware of its advantages. With the establishment of the Dealer network in 1973, all of that changed. Our Dealers were considerably better at communicating the benefits of synthetic lubricants than basic product labels, and the company grew at a rapid pace.
AMSOIL was built with the support of independent dealers.
Many people, like you, have a passion for vehicles, trucks, and powersports equipment.They, along with the retail locations they serve, provide knowledge and after-sale support that big-box retailers cannot match. As independent AMSOIL dealers, they aren't constrained by a corporate structure; their success is directly proportional to how hard they work and how well they serve customers.
We avoid the expectations of big-box merchants by delivering AMSOIL products through independent Dealers.
Formulating synthetic lubricants that enhance the protection and performance of the automobiles you care about necessitates formulating for higher performance rather than cheaper prices.
AMSOIL Building - Superior, WI
At AMSOIL, these values — independence, self-reliance, entrepreneurship, and loyalty – are prized.
They are important aspects of the American spirit, and they are what motivates us to support our independent Dealers and business outlets.
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